Almonds or Badams as we call them in India, where first grown in the Mediteranean parts of the Middle East. Humans and their wandering habits then took Almonds to North Africa, Southern Europe and even as far as California more recently. 

The United States, Spain and Iran are the worlds largest growers of Almonds. While we at superbites prefer to mostly eat whats available nearby, Almonds are like natures power capsules. They are loaded with so much nutrient goodness, there’s no way to leave it out of your diet!

How do I eat them?

Almonds are flexible because of how aromatic and flavourful they are. Firstly you have to Roast them at under 150 C to really unlock the aromas and flavours. Plus, Roasted Almonds are a lot easier to digest. Once you have roasted them, there’s so much you can do with them. Chop them up and top your salad with them like this. Or  grind them into a butter and use it as a healthy and nutritious spread for your morning toast. Almond also taste brilliant when roasted and then sprinkled with just a little salt. 

---Almonds are great for you because---

How about that high Fat Content?

Almonds are very rich in Poly- and Mono- Unsaturated Fats. They have very low Saturated Fat (the bad fats) and Zero Cholesterol. These are critical building blocks in the body. Their benefits to brain health have been well documented. This is also why Nutrition experts everywhere recommend a good dose of Mixed Nuts in the diets of both Children and the Aged. Munch a hand full of cashews are their nut brethren everyday and keep that brain fighting fit! 

Where’s the Fibre?

Just a 100 gm of Almonds would give you almost half your daily fibre requirement for the day. Fibre-filled diets ensure good control of body weight. 

But I need more Protein!

Almonds are a fantastic vegetarian source of protein. 20 grams of protein in a 100 gm Almonds is nothing to sneeze at. Almonds pack in more Protein than eggs. A pack a day is just what you need to supplement your weight lifting routine in the gym. So munch away and enjoy the benefits of this all natural source of protein. 

How about Almonds as a source of Micro Nutrients?

Almonds are a great source of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Potassium.  These are all critical components in building up bone health and overall healthy metabolism. Keep the almonds handy, and you won’t need those one a day nutrition supplements capsules!

Health Tip: 

Milk seems to be everyones go-to source for Calcium. But what if your Cholesterol numbers aren’t so great? Skip the Dairy, grab some Almonds. Same Nutrition without the Cholesterol!

1/4 cup Almonds = 1/4 cup milk