Cashews (or Caju as the Portugese first called it) have a rich and buttery flavour that make them the ultimate snack. Cuisines all over the world have always found cashews the perfect add-on to take things up a notch! Cashews are a highly concentrated source of nutrients and a substantial amount of energy. 
Cashew Nuts are extracted from the Cashew Seed that grows (oddly) along with the Cashew Apple . While the tree was orinally native to Brazil, trade routes and globalisation means that today it is widely cultivated with India, Vietnam and Nigeria.

Studies have shown that people who regularly ate nuts seemed to be on a constant weight loss in comparison to people who never ate nuts. Nuts also bring innumerable health benefits to the brain, heart and metabolic organ system of the body.

How to Eat?

Cashews taste specular when roasted with no oil (like we do at superbites!). The Roasting unleashes a whole range of flavours and super nutrients that would otherwise be unavailable to the human body. Cashews also bring a lot of energy with them making them the perfect addictive snack for travel or work or just about any time you’re looking for a filler between meals. 

---Cashews are great for you because——

How about that high Fat Content?

Cashews always mistakenly get a bad rap for being the ‘Fatties’ in the Nut world. But like most half-truths this claim too does not hold up on closer inspection. Cashews are very rich in Poly- and Mono- Unsaturated Fats. These are exactly critical building blocks in the body. Their benefits to brain health have been well documented. This is also why Nutrition experts everywhere recommend a good dose of Mixed Nuts in the diets of both Children and the Aged. Munch a hand full of cashews are their nut brethren everyday and keep that brain fighting fit! 

But I need more Protein!

Cashews (like other nuts) are a fantastic vegetarian source of protein. A pack a day is just what you need to supplement your weight lifting routine in the gym. So munch away and enjoy the benefits of this all natural source of protein. 

How about Cashews as a source of Micro Nutrients?

Cashews high Magnesium content make them an super important in the fight for better bone health. They’re also fantastic sources of Potassium and Iron.  Vitamins are also micronutrients that allow the body to run smoothly. Cashews are rich in Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E bringing lots of benefits in fighting cardiovascular disease. Cashews also contain proanthocyanids that stop cancer cells from dividing and help prevent cancers. Cashews also facilitate the opening of blood vessels in the body including the brain thus facilitating oxygen in the blood which makes the brain work better.

Health Tip:

Roasted Cashews are a lot easier to digest. The browning that accompanies roasting ensures that all the goodie nutrients in their are more accessible to the human body!