Oats were first cultivated by the Chinese around 7000 BC making them one of the earliest known cereals. But we have the Greeks to thank for first turning Oats into a Porridge, thus getting the ball rolling for millions of breakfasts since then!
Oats are best grown in temperate regions. They don’t require much heat and they’re surprisingly resilient to extra rainfall. 
Lots of great science has shown that Oats are a trusted superfood that helps lower blood cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and lowers the risk of heart disease.

How to eat?

Oats come in rolled, crushed (into oatmeal) or even finely ground flours. Oats make wonderful porridges (as the Greeks first found), Granolas and Muselis, making them everyones best friend at breakfast time. But they’re also easy to turn into Oatmeal Cookies and even Oat Bread. Try the superbites superbars or granolas to get your daily dose of all the goodness in oats!

At superbites we use oats copiously in many wonderful products!

— Oats are wonderful for you because —

Do Oats give me enough Fibre?

They contain more soluble finer than any other grain. This sows down digestion bringing a wonderful feeling of ‘fullness’ for much longer. Beta-Glucans are a kind of soluble fibre that have been proven to help keep cholesterol levels in check. 

What about these Good Fats my body desperately needs?

After corn, Oats have the highest lipid content of any cereal. Oats are unique amongst cereals for having a high proportion of good oils! Poly- and Mono- unsaturated fats are crucial building blocks that help maintain brain health and regulate metabolism. Oats are one of few cereals that offers this benefit!

But I need more Protein?

Oats are a fantastic source of Protein. A 100 gms of plain oats would bring you almost 17 grams of protein putting it on par with soy protein. Again making oats the best cereal out there all things considered. Oats are also a perfect protein source for vegetarians everywhere who are paranoid about where they’re going to get their protein from! 

And about supernutrients?

Oats contain over 300 mg of Magnesium, a super star nutrient that balances your blood sugar to help you take care of your insulin levels naturally. Their high fiber content ensures they are digested slowly. This helps release insulin more slowly into the bloodstream, leading to reduced amounts of blood sugar spikes.

Oats the Diabetes Fighter! Who knew?

Oats are rich in Biotin, a B vitamin responsible for a healthy metabolism and digestion. Its just what you need for great hair, skin, and nails. 
A 500 gm bag of superbites granola contains about 15,000 rolled oats (just in case you’re a geek about what you’re putting in your body)

How to eat?

Creamy, slightly nutty, and even a little sweet, oats are truly one of the most unique, humble superfoods we can eat. They’re energising and provide satiety, making them the perfect pre-workout energy boost. 
Households all over India have found great ways to incorporate Oats into their ethnic cooks. Oats make curries thicker, …………….

Hooray for all things oats!

——Healthy eating tip-------

Get yourself a bowl of wonderful oven toasted granola. But make sure you keep your toppings healthy! Cut up strawberries or grapes go great with your bowl of granola!  Bottom line : Keep your toppings healthy, and let the oats pack in some serious nutritional punch

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